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Missing the lion cubs...

Its about time to see these guys again!!!

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

This is going to be our next destination, a place where we should stay 6 days registering the beautiful and intensively wildlife. Hopefully will be able to bring few different images showing a little bit from this marvelous place.  

Next Stop, Kgalagadi

Yes, Kgalagadi will be my next stop. Getting excited to see all the beauty from that part of the world, in special, the black mane lions...

Our Future

They were very happy to be wearing photography stuff and Masai vests, and I was very proud to see that happening inside our project, also happy to notice that it is possible to pass the message and when you do it properly, the results can be quite satisfactory. Wildlife Project

New Release

I am proudly glad to announce our new release. A limited serie from Kalahari! Available as from November 15th.