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Lions, lions, lions...

"If I had only one day left in Africa I would choose to spend it with a pride of lions" - Gerald Hinde

5 pm

That one you can't top with tea and a blanket, even in the cold A frica. That's where my heart is and belongs to.

Destiny Africa

I know that most of my readers are not based in Brazil, but I still think that it is worth announce that we are running our 5th exhibition in Santos, place where I live. We are showing 25 images from Africa, mainly animals, but also some beautiful landscape images, like the ones from Victoria Falls in Livingston, Zambia. Event will stay till the next 31of January 2013.

35 days to go!

35 days to go before we board this truck and travel between Kenya and Tanzania. Our route will take the 10 days, departing from Nairobi and returning through Arusha.  Can't wait!

National Geographic Brasil

It is such a big pleasure to wake up and see that your image were selected, and it is now disputing with another 20 others to be elected one of the best photo of January 2013. That's what happened this week. Let's now hope to see it in a front page of a magazine, maybe yes, maybe not. Who knows?

You know where to find me!

If you have been touched by our stories or Africa has infected your heart, we have to chat, and maybe, just maybe this chat will result in another lion, or in another cheetah or another wild dog, for another generation... You know where to find me!