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Lion Attack!

I don't believe they were hungry, but as people normally say, these animals are very opportunistic, and the baby elephant was an easy target for them not to leave alone. Unfortunately this is nature, simply nature and I just happened to be positioned to capture the attack!


Mind the crocs... They can easily turn and dive within seconds, that's what our guide said... Crocs are not dangerous when you are inside the boat, as they normally never come to it, however, if you are inside the water, than you certainly will be in trouble. These guys were at least 5 to 6 m long.

African Elephants

The african elephants at the "Chobe National Park", Botswana. They are amazing creatures and live in a such familiar union. This time we had the opportunity to take as much as hundreds of photos. Fantastic!

Okavango Delta / Botswana

It's nice when you travel inside the Delta and see all this flowers everywhere look at... They are gorgeous!

"Africa Collection" Photo Exhibition

We are very proud to announce our next "Africa Collection" photo exhibition which will be held at Restaurant Guaiao in Santos during the month of August 2012. All the profit made out of the event will be reverted to "Casa da vó Benedita", an entity working with abandoned children in our region.

Next stop, Kenya/Tanzania

Wildlife Wonderland - Starting and ending in the capital of Kenya this tour incorporates some of Africa's most famous game parks. We are planning to depart on the 27th of December 2012 and will Visit the Masai Mara in Kenya as well as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Stunning Pictures should be coming soon!


They are nice animals and I remember that afternoon at Chobe National Reserve in Botswana..., it was plenty of Zebras and Elephants. This reserve was not far from the border with Zambia, another great place to visit and stay. 

Africa Collection - Cheetahs

Another two cards from our Africa Collection series. Soon they going to be available for sale.

Giraffes at Chobe

Sunset at Chobe National Park in Botswana. A herd of african giraffes next to a big water pool.

Central Kalahari

Me and my two mates during our trip last month. From left to right... Rogerio, Esteves and me... We had a quicky stop to stretch the legs and pee. Kalahari is a great place and the worlds biggest reserve. Our land cruiser had capacity for 12 people, and we were only 5 on board, in other words, very confortable and lots of empty seats.

Walking with Cheetahs

Walking with Cheetahs!!!

African White Lion

A very beatiful white lioness with her cub at the Lion Park in Johannersburg - South Africa

Welcome on board!

We were at Maun International Airport and preparing ourselves for one hour flight over the Okavango Delta which was beautiful. Just beautiful!