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Seeking for Help...

We are currently seeking for help to work in our organization, a young person with a lot of energy and interested to learn. This person will be assisting me in a part time job, dealing with administrative and operational stuff. The candidate must love nature, animals, adventure and photography. You can send your resume to our e-mail: and we certainly will go back to you.

Photo Exhibition

If you like wildlife photography you should spend sometime to see our exhibition which is located inside the Shopping Parque Balneário in Santos. We have 22 posters sized 50cm x 75cm showing a little bit of the African fauna. 

Next Expedition

If you are interested in wildlife and nature photography you may want to check our new schedule for the next trip to Tanzania this year. We are about to set up a new group of photographers and or nature and wildlife lovers for this exciting adventure. In case of interest, please do get in touch with us via e-mail: