Mostrando postagens de Setembro, 2012

Zebras at Chobe

I like to shoot zebras, but always try to put them in a combination like the one above, I like to play  with the straps... They are not easy to shoot as they always run away when fell strangers around.

Africa Collection

I would like say thanks to everyone who has contributed to our Photo Exhibition last august at the Guaiaó Restaurant in Santos. We have had a very positive feedback which encourages me to continue and keep on with this project.

Flying over the Delta!

There is not much to say about this photo but only look it..! It was early morning in the Okavango Delta and again we were in a walking safari when saw them flying over our head. Beautiful! 

African Baobab

Baobab is not only the symbol of Africa, it is the symbol of life, providing water, sustenance, shelter and shade for those who need it. It is impressive the size of an old Baobab, when we say old, it is really old, as we might be talking about two million years old, maybe three.

Amazing Animal!

This is the white rhinoceros, a big boy that I had the pleasure to meet while in Zambia during a walking safari. They are very well protected against poachers by local armed guards who will not hesitate to open fire in case they see any possible risk. 


I would like to apologise for my absent during the past month without posting any pictures and tales about my project, kids and Africa. August was a complicated month with lots of changes and also little hassle with small problems that are now sorted. I have just returned from a trip and will do my best to post good stuff as much as I can.  Thank you very much! Luiz Carlos