Mostrando postagens de Fevereiro, 2015

New class...

This is my new class of 2015, great kids with a lot of appetite to learn and learn. Last Friday was our first class and I need to confess that they were just great. We still have sometime to know each other, but I have no doubt that it will go smoothly as always, and by the end of this year, I will be missing each little face as I always do.

What else can I say?

This is the sort of animal I can stay seated in front for hours and hours, just watching and adoring such a beautiful creature.  This picture was taken last March 14 in the Serengeti plains, it was two brothers stalking a prey for the early supper. 

Guess why...

Have you ever heard about lions going up in the tree? Yes, in Tanzania they do, specially during the raining season where the soil gets too wet, main reason for them to climb trees. Let's see these boys live next month.

New program for 2015!

The wildlife project has six places for six new students willing to learn photography through wildlife and nature photography. You can get in touch with us for further details and why not get enrolled for the 2015 program.

Photographic Safaris!

I can tell you that we are all very excited  for our next departure, which is almost a month from today. If you are keen to learn more about African adventures and photographic safaris, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and get all the necessary information for your next trip. You know where to find us!