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Limited Edition

My passion with Africa, their countries and the wildlife that inhabits the continent began more than 40 years ago. 2011 to date were covered just over 8000 kilometers in a total of 70 days, during which I had the opportunity to portray countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania. In my next expedition that will take place in March 2015, I will return to Tanzania to portray the end of the wildebeest migration going up towards Kenya. With the technical preparation of accumulation, study, experience and advanced equipment, the sixth expedition promises a result even more artistic and sensitive, striking work factors and which are observed by the team of Buriti - publisher operating in the printing and distribution market of prints and limited edition art photographs over twenty years, also responsible for printing and distribution of my work. After a few years of hard work in the pursuit of excellence for the final product, the publisher chose