Mostrando postagens de Junho, 2014

New Experience

What a great experience they all had this morning by having the chance to touch and handle a proper camera. It was also great to see the interest they have shown during the class. Only 5 and 6 years old!!!

Cooling Down

Crocks normally stays like that to cool out their internal temperature, nothing else.

African Leopard

What great experience I have had with this guy in Serengeti... Originals will be available in our book to be launched in 2015.

Alcateia Santos

What a great afternoon I have had last Saturday with this group of kids aged between 7 and 11 years. The most interesting thing was their knowledge about wildlife and information about what have to do to protect nature and it's species. 

Feeling Happy!

Feeling very happy with my next expedition to Africa, especially because this time I will be guided by a very professional photographer who I like and respect so much. It seems that we going to have a lot of fun and as usual, will learn a lot. I have already started to dream about it!