Mostrando postagens de Dezembro, 2013

Happy New Year!

I would like to post the last news for 2013 by thanking everyone who helped me with my project and in special, every single animal on earth I have clicked behind the lenses of my camera. These animals together with all the children I teach inside the Wildlife Project, were responsible to support and help me during  the year 2012. Impossible not to mention Africa in my words, a place that I love since I was born, and hopefully, will have the pleasure to visit and work with, for the rest of my entire life.   I should like to send  all my readers my very warmest wishes for 2014. May the New Year bring refreshment and joy to you and your families,  May 2014 be filled with happiness and peace, tolerance and understanding within our world community. Let us celebrate the wonders of our world, strive to protect them and learn to share them a little more equally, specially with children and animals. Happy New Year! Happy 2014!

We need your HELP!

The image above has been printed in a limited edition of 100 prints, numbered and signed by the author (me) and sold to a company which is now distributing to their customers as a special gift. The money we have raised with this limited edition will help us to move our project forward, but we still need to get more before we become able to start. We still have some prints available, which can be produced in a nice box with your logo up front, and distributed to YOUR clients. Think about, and maybe, just maybe you could help us to start our classes next year. 
Thank You!
Luiz Carlos dos Santos Jr. Wildlife Project - Brazil

Checking Stuff!

We have already started to put our stuff together for the next trip. It is always nice to prepare the list of equipment we going to bring, even when it is not comfortable to carry. More equipments, better results. This time it is going to be two of us searching for the best of Serengeti. We still have 89 days to go!

Next Stop, Tanzania!

I am delighted to announce our next stop in Africa 2014 - Tanzania


If you are keen to help and support our project, you can always buy a T-Shirt from the WILDLIFE PROJECT, they are new arrival and available in all sizes, S M L and XL. We still selling for the price of R$50,00 and also have both colours, black and white!

African Wildlife Book!

I am very proud to announce that my first book shall be launched next year, which will bring stories about wildlife into the african savanna during the last three expedition I have made to the african continent. The    job will be performed with the assistance of a journalist and a biologist, which shall enrich the contents and bring more information to the readers.

Stay Tuned!

We are very glad to receive your visit over here, and we wish you all the very best during your interviews and searching process for the Wildlife Project. Soon we going to post the e-mail address you should use to send your CV and get in touch for the required position.

Creche São Jorge 2013

Creche São Jorge - 2013

Best class ever!

I have no words to say how much I have learned with this group of children in 2013. They were very special to me and I am very proud of it. Thank you boys and girls, you are FANTASTIC!

Africa 2014 - Second Expedition

We are very proud to announce that our second expedition to Africa in 2014 has been launched, which shall be covering from Johannesburg to Livingstone in a 14 days trip. People interested can get more details through our e-mail or facebook as listed in this site.

04/12 - Cheetah International Day!

This is our contribution for the Cheetah International Day!

Getting read to attack!

Serengeti, Kenya 2013 Its was midday when we saw these 17 lions relaxing in the grass when four zebras decided to pass through the pride, of course they were not aware about the danger they were walking in, and believe it or not, they did and escaped untouched. Still don't know if lions were full and did not bother to make another kill or they really missed the opportunity. In the image above, you can see the leader commanding the attack.