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A message from sunday evening!

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Less than 40 days to go!

We have now almost a month to finally encounter with the African wildlife and nature. Everything is almost ready with only few little things to be arranged before our departure. Actually we will not have too much hassle with our luggage, as we are only allowed to bring 12 kg each plus off course all the photography gear. What is calling our attention is the fact where some of our friends are sending lot of questions and getting very  "let's say" curious for this expedition, however, we must say that such program has been designed for real nature lovers, as 10 from the 15 days travelling on board of a truck we will be on wild camping with very basic facilities as bucket shower and dig & bury toilets. We are considering the opportunity to be linked with such environment "pure nature and wildlife" and take as much pictures as we can, day and night, 15 consecutive days non stop. I have an interest for at least five or six animals in special: lions, cheetahs, e…

A powerful mandible!

We must pay attention to the size of this trunk. Personally, I could see how  easy she was playing around by lifting it from one side to another.

The Jaguar

Its time to start showing some of our brazilian wild animals, and why not to start with the famous Jaguar, or in our language, "Onça Pintada".

Best of the week!


Let me see it a bit closer


We made it!

We finally made it! My wonderful kids all very happy at their first visit to a Zoo, as well as their first contact with wild animals. We all had a very pleasant time together, and I am sure the this was the first of many other programs we will do in order to link children with the wildlife.

Three days to go!

I guess that my little kids might not be sleeping by this time, and off course that this includes myself. I was just wondering that maybe, just maybe this visit will result in something positive for another generation, probably their own generation.

Big Eyes

I hope to see the world through the eyes of an elephant!

Big Boy


Eduarda - 5 Years Old

Eduarda has only 5 years and the first one inside our english classroom to describe the differences between cheetahs and leopards. I have no doubt that till the end of this year she will be much more informed, involved and telling us more about wild animals.