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A message from the editor!

Dear Readers,

September is about to go and I could not end up the month without putting few words together. Firstly I need to thank the whole Wildlife Project team which did a fantastic job and helped me a lot with the conferences, exhibitions and all other subjects involving the project itself. 
We have addressed two lectures in September, one in São Paulo at the Luminous Group of Photographers and one in Santos at the Santa Cecilia University. We have also launched the T-Shirts for sale and we are increasing sales of our limited edition prints, numbered and signed by me. 
We had the pleasure to be interviewed by the local TV Santa Cecilia, were we had the opportunity to explain a little better about our plans and our project.
September was the month to announce our next expedition which shall be taking place at the end of October and will cover Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.
Last but not least, we started to move ahead with the Part II of our project which means, soon…

New Arrivals!

Please check our new T-Shirt with a Rhino logo and or the Lion Cub. Available in S, M. L and XL.

Coming Next!


New Wildlife T-Shirt coming soon!


Today's Class

Can you believe that these children can easly tell you the differences between a Leopard and a Cheetah, Kudu and Waterbuck, Rhino and Hippo as many other species... What about you?

Santa Cecilia - Unisanta

My special thanks to Santa Cecilia University for the opportunity to deliver a lecture about wildlife photography for the journalism class and guests. As usual, we had more girls than boys and every single person completely involved with the subject discussed.

Our Partners!

Always interesting to reinforce how pleased we are to our partners involved with the project, always important to say thank you very much for all the support received.

Pure Nature!

See how beautiful they are, and I still don't know why man should be divorcing himself from nature!

Check our next departure!

Come and join us in our next departure for a photographic safari in Africa.

Maasai People

Having some fun with the Maasai people during to our visit in of the communities based inside the Maasai Mara region. Quite interesting to exchange such experience and energy with these natives.

Santa Cecília TV interviews the WLP.

Santa Cecília TV interviews about the Wildlife Project at the Luiz Carlos | Wildlife Photography studio last night in Santos.
The project is now about to take off and shall be bringing a lot of news in a very short time. 
We need people to invest and help financially within the project, and local companies shall be approached to participate of such move says Luiz Carlos, the project founder at his residence.

Next Lecture 25/09


Wildlife Project T-Shirts Available!

Our Wildlife Project T-Shirts is now available for sale in all sizes, S / M / L / XL. You pay R$50,00 reais and get a very nice stuff from our team, helping to support our project which is aimed at educating children to understand the importance to protect the wildlife and it's species which are disappearing from our planet.

Wildlife Project at Grupo Luminous

My special thanks to Grupo Luminous de Fotografia for the invitation received to address our Wildlife Project presentation. It was great to be surrounded by the big gurus of photography from Sao Paulo.

Coming soon!

We are going to make a lot of noise with this project! Coming soon!

Message to our readers

We are starting September with a lot of good news, probably a busy month coming ahead. On the 5th I will deliver a very important presentation in Sao Paulo for a very well know club called Grupo Lumionus de Fotografia and on the 25th another big presentation for Santa Cecilia University in Santos, a workshop for the students of journalism. We also have the Europe trip, which shall be an excuse for me to pass by Vieux Campeur in Paris and up grade part of my equipment, aiming the next safari to be performed in October.
Our Wildlife Project is also running well and with a lot of new developments which shaw be announced soon. We are organising our new website, have already created our new e-mail address and soon will be looking for a trainee to be working inside the project and helping us with the massive work we going to face from now on.
My special thanks to all companies supporting the mentioned project and my welcome to future new comers.
Luiz Carlos dos Santos Jr Wildlife Project |…